About Us

Nowadays when everything is going digital; the security of data from cyber-attacks and safety of assets is becoming a challenge, globally. CyberDebug is one of the leading team providing cyber security solutions, customized software and Apps. to meet Customers’ specific requirements.

Technology has potential to vastly change the way that humans interact, not only with the digital world, but also with each other, through their work and through other socioeconomic institutions – for better or for worse. We are committed to deliver the best possible services based on our knowledge, intelligence & experience, to cater to the specific needs of various sectors of Industry/ Businesses or Govt./ Public Departments.


Based on current scenario Cyber Security is already proving its worth in protecting data for different areas of our lives & business, such as; Energy, Healthcare, Transportation/ Logistics, Public Safety, Education, Hospitality, Banking & Insurance, National Security, Manufacturing Industry, E-commerce and, Entertainment, Telecommunications and, will be applied to more fields in the years ahead.

“The antonym of security is insecurity, and the only way to overcome insecurity is to take appropriate security measures for both our; data & assets”