The accommodation sector is one of the largest sectors in the tourist industry, providing a wealth of opportunities for to work within a dynamic and diverse sector. Opportunities are growing for accelerated career advancement, and positions in differing destinations and different types of establishments are expanding. The sector is an integral part of the hospitality industry and this software with a comprehensive allocation of the diverse accommodation services available to guests. With an overview of accommodation services, the different forms of ownership and classification systems. The functions of the front office play within accommodation services. The importance of housekeeping management along with the facilities and security functions of accommodation services, Luxury, mid-range, budget or limited services. Accommodation management is a service in which the establishments which


offer accommodation are properly managed. What this entails is that these establishments or organizations are well programmed so that standards of cleanliness are kept, maintenance is done, budgets are promptly implemented and staff is well trained and managed. Accommodation management, like every other management outfit sees to the proper supervision of day to day events within the organization, and ensures that they are up to the set standard

Services to manage accommodation are needed both in the private and public sector. Establishments like hotels, conference centres, cruise ships, as well as government care homes, hospitals, housing associations all need a management service that would see to the day to day monitoring of each of their facility.