The PWRS management system is integrated software for control and monitoring of Rejection coming from Dealer, Line and Warranty. This system helps in tracking and maintenance of Rejection occurring at various levels and a history catalogue is maintained. This helps in identifying the repetition of a specific problem occurred and its remedy required. This helps in increasing efficiency, by less time consumption.

WRS is a VB based multi user application that turns a keeps a record of tracking faults in the product sold. WRS has an interactive mode that requires zero computer skills. For those who can’t or don’t want to sit at one location, the application also offers a self-directed mode where the same interface is available from an interactive onscreen authentication through username & password.


The purpose of this document is to describe the architecture and design of the WRS application in a way that addresses the interests and concerns of all major faults encountered. For this application the major concerns are:

  • Users – they want assurances that the architecture will provide for system functionality and exhibit desirable non-functional quality requirements such as usability, reliability, etc.
  • Developers – they want an architecture that will minimize complexity and development effort.
  • Project Manager – the project manager is responsible for assigning tasks and coordinating development work. He or she wants an architecture that divides the system into components of roughly equal size and complexity that can be developed simultaneously with minimal dependencies. For this to happen, the modules need well-defined interfaces. Also, because most individuals specialize in a particular skill or technology, modules should be designed around specific expertise. For example, all UI logic might be encapsulated in one module.
  • Maintenance Programmers – they want assurance that the system will be easy to evolve and maintain on into the future.