Technology that provides security

Cyber security or IT security is a set of techniques being used for protection of computers, programs, data, networks and other equipment against any unauthorized/ unintended access, destruction, or change. The Government Institutions, Corporations, Commercial entities, military, hospitals, financial groups/ companies, and many other groups regularly use to collect, store, and process internal confidential information on their operating systems or networks. With the growing automation & modernisation the volume of cyberspace attacks are also increasing. There is need of greater attention for the protection of important/ critical information and assets.

The enhanced use of digital communication and transactions have posed extremely complex engineering challenges; be it the protection of integrity and/ or confidentiality with regard to the transmitted data and information. Such threatening incidents & attempts are inclined to the aspects of network outages, computer viruses, hacking, and other similar situations, impacting business, services, safety & security. Hence, the boosting increase in number of digital applications, data networks, and mobile users, surges volume of threats & attacks on users’ systems & networks/ data.

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